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Love/Hate Reads: ‘Rules associated with the Game,’ Revisited

Love/Hate Reads: ‘Rules associated with the Game,’ Revisited

Anyone who is been even vaguely online on the final ten years could draw an immediate connection between broadly explaining ladies as social-climbing golddiggers in addition to unfulfilled claims produced by expert pickup music artists like Strauss towards the propagation of anti-PUA discussion boards. These discussion boards immediately congealed into havens for incels and other less savory areas of the manosphere.

Among all those graver sins, one glaringly apparent fault appears tallest into the guidelines for the Game: This guide is corny as hell. It is not simply the tricks that are magic. (Though miracle is raised a fucking great deal.) The test dialogue is corny:

Never touch or grab her right away. You state, with a grin, “Hey now, arms from the product. if she touches”

The insistence that the reader raise their nonspecific, but apparently crucial “status” is corny:

Learn after research has revealed that ladies are interested in character, dominance, and status… Or in other words, in the event that you display the proper faculties to achieve your goals, some females will need a possibility you even though you’re presently unemployed. (more…)

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