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Let me make it clear about SSI & credit debt

Let me make it clear about SSI & credit debt

We presently get SSI (i am a grownup and I are now living in VA) and am having issues making my charge card re payment each now because of the interest month. We have seen on other internet internet sites it’s okay if a family group users pays off the card that it will not affect your SSI for you if they directly pay the bank and not give the money to you. Had been wondering if there was clearly any truth for this? I might instead maybe perhaps perhaps not register ruin and bankruptcy my credit. Many Thanks!

Hi here, i am sorry to know that! Some forms of help that you could get from household members count as “in-kind help and maintenance”(ISM). I am perhaps perhaps maybe not totally certain that a member of the family having to pay a credit automobile bill counts as ISM, you might want to contact your neighborhood SSA workplace regarding this, they may be able better simplify if this kind of help will be considered ISM.

I had simply read previous today that when a relative pays your credit debt than that really matters being an earnings for your requirements and might be deducted from your own SSI

In answer We had simply read previous by Veronica (not verified today)

Hi Veronica, that could be the scenario, it might be a good notion to contact the SSA regarding this should this be one thing you and a member of family are intending. (more…)

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