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Auntie SparkNotes: I’m Completely Left Away From University Hookup Customs

Auntie SparkNotes: I’m Completely Left Away From University Hookup Customs

Dearest Auntie,

I’m a college sophomore and a lesbian. University is certainly going great with the exception of the one thing: the hookup tradition.

This past year, YikYak really was popular on campus. On nights, many of the Yaks there were from people asking for hookups weekend. We joined up with the celebration, saying things like, “Any lesbians dtf?” (And yes, we have a pretty decent non-straight population that is female.)

In those days, from the countless times we sent out Yaks, only 1 woman reacted. I got to connect along with her last 12 months (yay!), but we’re able to just get it done as soon as because she had been a busy senior. Now, she’s currently finished and around the world inside her brand new work (yay for her).

I became hoping that sophomore year will be luckier for me……until YikYak made a decision to maybe not allow anybody be anonymous anymore. Due to this, every person went away from it (including me). Therefore now, I’m fundamentally hopeless on week-end nights.

“But LW,” you say, “why not only get Tinder?” Because Tinder isn’t anonymous, and we don’t have Facebook account (nor do we care for example.).

“But LW, is not here an LGBT focus on campus?” Yes, but everybody else there was familiar if they are interested in sex with no strings attached with me, and it would be embarrassing to ask someone who I knew. I’m additionally actually uncomfortable strangers that are asking when they wanna connect up. In either case, i am aware we would personally result in the other individual exceptionally uncomfortable if i recently asked should they wished to connect. (Also, that is sexual harrassment, is not it?)


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